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National Spotlight

Financial Resources —Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Find out more

Funding Priorities

A minimum of 25 percent of the net income from each domestic Affiliate Race supports the national Komen for the Cure Grant Program, which funds groundbreaking breast cancer research, meritorious awards and educational and scientific conferences around the world.

Up to 75 percent of the net income from each domestic Affiliate Race stays in the local community to fund breast health education, breast cancer screening and treatment support.

Brief Summary of Priorities

Drawing from the profile Colorado South Affiliate has identified the following funding priority areas:

  • Screening
    • Screening programs in partnership with WWC providers that increase the number of women screened in the past two years
      Diagnostic exams for high-risk women who are ineligible for WWC or have inadequate health insurance coverage
    • Screening programs in rural communities with above average rates of later-stage diagnosis. (per Colorado Central Cancer Registry)
      Raise awareness of genetic and behavioral risk factors for breast cancer
    • Emerging health care changes
  • Treatment Support
    • Programs that provide financial assistance and or services for non-medical treatment related costs such as transportation, rent, utilities, medication co-pays, food or childcare
  • Patient Navigation
    • Patient navigation programs to improve the time from diagnosis to treatment and enhance survivorship.
      Programs to support culturally isolated women with breast cancer
    • Patient navigation with outlying areas that may not provide continuum of care services

Community Profile for Download

Affiliates of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® complete a community assessment every two years to understand the state of breast health and cancer care services in their service areas. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure their work is collaborative, targeted and nonduplicative and is intended to establish focused education and grantmaking activities.

Please familiarize yourself with our 2015 Community Profile and Executive Summary before developing your applications.

Statement of Collaboration

Grantees are engaged in a relationship of support with the Komen Affiliate and are requested to affirm this relationship during the grant year with four areas of participation:

  • Grantee will participate in the Colorado South Race for the Cure in the September of the grant year.
  • Grantee will participate in up to four Affiliate events during the granting year to include the Colorado South Race for the Cure. The Grantee's project will be highlighted at a booth during events; Grantee must supply volunteers to work the booth and answer questions about the current project and the impact of Komen support.
  • Grantee will provide a public letter of recognition for the Affiliate to publicize the relationship between the Grantee and the Affiliate.
  • Grantee will agree to acknowledge its relationship with the Komen Affiliate with on-site signage and cards/handouts that state: "Support provided by Colorado South Affiliate of Susan G. Komen." Cards will be provided by Affiliate in consultation with the Grantee as to design, size, etc.